Minggu, 16 Desember 2012

Once Upon a Red Day

Hi! Long time no blogging and how I miss it!
We're back again after we had a semester test on this week, yesterday was the last day for sure. Finally the holiday will come, yihaa!! We have many things to do, so we'll make a to-do list maybe :D Just wait for that, insyaAllah we'll happily share the things to you guys. And we hope for the best for our report result, Aamiin O:)
Anyway, today is December 16th, right?
You should know that today is THIFAL's BIRTHDAY!! *dancing*
She's already 18th now, and how about me? I'm still 16th :p hehehe. Even though she doesn't has a party today, we (read: Me, Thifal, her Mom and her Dad) have a quality time. At first her parents didn't realize that today is her birthday hahaha. But finally everybody know. And I came to her house to gave a little surprise but there's no cake and candles, because I didn't have time to buy them, I'm so sorry dear :( But the most important, she's really likes the gifts :') I gave them with pleasure 
We had a lunch at a restaurant at Sentul (thanks a lot for the treats!) and hang out for a moment. And finally I arrived at home at 8 pm. Today is so much fun xo
Lots of Thanks for Thifal and family!
So, here are the pictures that we took, hope you enjoy them!

P.S: Illustration by @sifariss

Ina LS

She loves red recently, so I gave her these (except the heels)

Thifal's outfit of the day

Ina's outfit of the day

Posing with my sister

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